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journeying through life on my own little pathway

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Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:Florida, United States of America
I'm an attorney currently working in public interest. I don't like 90% of other attorneys.

I am fiercely passionate about: my family, my friends, politics (quite liberal), philosophy, popcorn, sexuality, poetry, napping, music, bubble wrap, reading, and life.

I like intelligent, funny, and irreverent conversation.

On friending: I friend whenever I find someone I think may be interesting. Don't worry about not adding me back, I'm a big girl. Feel free to friend me on your own, but I don't add everyone back. If you've only posted a few times, or something like that, I need more information before I friend you. I would appreciate it if, upon friending me, you drop a comment to my most recent entry letting me know you've friended me, and how you found my LJ (the last is just because I am curious).

Insert typical disclaimer about explicit material and readers under the age of eighteen here.

Otherwise, read and enjoy. Sometimes I'm funny, sometimes I'm boring, or introspective, or angsty. I am what I am.

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